When you need a reliable, cost effective and traceable way to ship your documents and/or packages, whether it be across the globe, across the country or just local ... Swift Couriers Inc is here to serve you.

We offer Express Delivery from $5.65 with No Volume Commitments. Domestic & International Shipping & Logistics Services from anywhere in Canada.

We understand that standard service does not work with everyone, that’s why Swift Couriers Inc consultants work closely with its clients and listen to what is important to them in order to provide a tailored solution based on their needs.

Over the years our customers have learned that they can count on Swift Couriers Inc for all their shipping needs, whether it be a same day courier, immediate pick-up and delivery, Overnight delivery, next AM service or a more economical service time. All our services include a free order tracking.

Swift Couriers Inc can respond much faster than its larger, less agile competitors and provide a flexible, more reliable service based on the highest level of customer service before and after all work has been complete. As a result, this allows us to provide a more scalable distribution solution to cater your needs