Is it necessary to call well in advance to place an order?

No, Swift Couriers Inc takes pick up & delivery orders as they are placed. However, customers can place their orders well in advance as long as pick up time & date is indicated. Pick up time & date can be on the same day, within the week or even 2 weeks ahead. This is whichever time works best for you as we are ready to serve you 24/7. As such, we ask our clients to have their orders properly packed with complete address and ready to go before our drivers are there to pick up.  Sometimes our drivers may be moments away.

Does Swift Couriers Inc have any size restrictions and/or limits on packages?

Our fleet of delivery system handles all shipments sizes from envelopes and small parcels, to boxes & crates.

How much will it cost to ship my package? 

You can obtain an instant quote by logging in, by email and/or by calling our office using the Contact us page.

Does your company provide POD (proof of delivery) signatures?

Yes, our commitment to our customers is to have all readily available signatures (POD’s) entered into our system and updated once each shipment has been completed. Allow up to 48 hours for international shipments.

Does your company offer any guarantees on its deliveries?

In regards to local, domestic and International shipments, Swift Couriers Inc makes all attempts to deliver on-time as per the requested service level chosen and provides a GUARANTEED performance assurance. All shipments are normally delivered on-time as requested and/or indicated under normal working conditions. (Adverse weather and traffic slowdowns can affect delivery times somewhat)

Do your drivers pass some sort of route test?

Yes, before hiring any driver, applicants are screened for vehicle standard compliance and customer service background. Once applicants have been qualified, they are then sent out for further training for pick up & delivery tasking. Swift Couriers Inc is an equal opportunity employer.